FORTE 2014: 34th IFIP International Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components and Systems

A DisCoTec Member Conference

June 3-6, 2014, Berlin, Germany

Accepted Papers

  • Elvira Albert, Puri Arenas and Miguel Gomez-Zamalloa. Actor- and Task-Selection Strategies for Pruning Redundant State-Exploration in Testing
  • Souheib Baarir and Alexandre Duret-Lutz. Mechanizing the Minimization of Deterministic Generalized Büchi Automata
  • Michele Boreale and Francesca Pampaloni. Quantitative Information Flow under Generic Leakage Functions and Adaptive Adversaries
  • Chen Chen, Limin Jia, Hao Xu, Cheng Luo, Wenchao Zhou and Boon Thau Loo. A Program Logic for Verifying Secure Routing Protocols
  • Dániel Darvas, Borja Fernández Adiego, András Vörös, Tamás Bartha, Enrique Blanco Viñuela and Víctor Manuel González Suárez. Formal Verification of Complex Properties on PLC Programs
  • Søren Debois, Thomas Hildebrandt, Tijs Slaats and Nobuko Yoshida. Type Checking Liveness for Collaborative Processes with Bounded and Unbounded Recursion
  • Cornelius Diekmann, Stephan-A. Posselt, Heiko Niedermayer, Holger Kinkelin, Oliver Hanka and Georg Carle. Verifying Security Policies using Host Attributes
  • Ylies Falcone, Tom Cornebize and Jean-Claude Fernandez. Efficient and Generalized Decentralized Monitoring of Regular Languages
  • Alexander Graf-Brill, Holger Hermanns and Hubert Garavel. A Model-Based Certification Framework for the EnergyBus Standard
  • Carlos Gregorio-Rodríguez, Luis Llana and Rafael Martinez-Torres. Effectiveness for Input Output Conformance Simulation iocos
  • David Romero-Hernández and David de Frutos Escrig. Coinductive Definition of Distances between Processes: Beyond Bisimulation Distances
  • Stephan Mennicke, Jens-Wolfhard Schicke-Uffmann and Ursula Goltz. On the Step Branching Time Closure of Free-Choice Petri Nets
  • Rocco De Nicola, Giulio Iacobelli and Mirco Tribastone. Dimming Relations for the Efficient Analysis of Concurrent Systems via Action Abstraction
  • Daniela Remenska, Tim A.C. Willemse, Jeff Templon, Kees Verstoep and Henri Bal. Property Specification Made Easy: Harnessing the Power of Model Checking in UML designs
  • Roberto Vigo, Flemming Nielson and Hanne Riis Nielson. Uniform Protection for Multi-exposed Targets
  • Shuling Wang, Flemming Nielson and Hanne Riis Nielson. Denial-of-Service Security Attack in the Continuous-Time World
  • Lili Xu, Konstantinos Chatzikokolakis and Huimin Lin. Metrics for Differential Privacy in Concurrent Systems
  • Peter Zeller, Annette Bieniusa and Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter. Formal Specification and Verification of CRDTs